Manuscript Submission

The MDM journals are moving to University of Michigan
in January 2021

As of October 15, 2020, please address all presubmission inquiries
to the incoming editor-in-chief, Brian J. Zikmund-Fisher, PhD,


Before submitting a manuscript to Medical Decision Making or Medical Decision Making Policy & Practice, please review Manuscript Requirements and our Peer Review Process. The MDM journals are “format-free” for initial submissions. You may use any consistent academic formatting and style that incorporates the required manuscript elements (including a structured abstract where required). Revised manuscripts must conform to the journals’ formatting and style.

Editors consider only online submissions made through the MDM or MDM P&P ScholarOne Manuscripts Web sites; ScholarOne Manuscripts must be used for the submission of all new, revised, and resubmitted material. ScholarOne Manuscripts is a secure, cloud-based, third-party product. During manuscript submission, please give precedence to the instructions presented within these guidelines (or those sent to you from the editors via e-mail) rather than on-screen commands. The editorial office does not accept submissions by e-mail, mail, or fax. Any submission that comes to the editorial office by these methods will be returned with instructions on how to submit the manuscript online, as shown below. The MDM editorial office is not responsible for processing manuscripts and materials that have been submitted improperly. New manuscripts are generally processed weekly: Monday morning at 9:00 am US CST/CDT. Manuscripts received after this time will be processed the following week.

In addition, all manuscript submissions require a cover letter. Authors are prompted to include a cover letter at the time of manuscript submission. This requirement applies to all resubmissions and revisions, both of which must also include a point-by-point response from the author to all reviewer and editor comments.

During the online submission process, the submitting author is asked to identify keywords from two lists: APPLICATION AREAS and DETAILED METHODOLOGY. The editors use these author-selected keywords to match the manuscript to reviewers who have pertinent expertise. Authors are encouraged to review these keyword lists carefully—and completely—before making selections to ensure that the best possible keywords are chosen for the manuscript.

SAGE is a supporting member of ORCID, the Open Researcher and Contributor ID. ORCID provides a unique and persistent digital identifier that distinguishes researchers from every other researcher, even those who share the same name, and, through integration in key research workflows such as manuscript and grant submission, supports automated linkages between researchers and their professional activities, ensuring that their work is recognized. The collection of ORCID IDs from corresponding authors is part of the submission process of the MDM journals. If you already have an ORCID ID you will be asked to associate that to your submission during the online submission process. We strongly encourage all co-authors to link their ORCID ID to their accounts in our online peer review platform. Your ORCID ID will become part of your accepted publication’s metadata, making your work attributable to you and only you. Your ORCID ID is published with your article so that fellow researchers reading your work can link to your ORCID profile and from there link to your other publications. If you do not already have an ORCID ID please follow this link to create one.

General inquiries for which the answer is available on this Web site will not be acknowledged by editorial staff. In addition, current circulation and bibliometric information for MDM and MDM P&P is best gathered using publicly available online indices and databases. During manuscript submission and review, please be aware of the following:

  • It is not necessary to complete the submission in a single step. The submitting author can stop at any point, save, and continue the process again later.
  • Subsequent to manuscript submission, all authors may track the status of the manuscript by logging in to the ScholarOne Manuscripts Author Center for MDM or MDM P&P. However, correspondence between the editorial office and the authorial team will be strictly limited to the designated contact author. Once a manuscript is accepted for review, any status inquiries must include a manuscript ID and should be received no sooner than 60 days after the formal submission date.
  • (!) To ensure timely communication with the editorial office and SAGE production, please verify that all e-mails from *, *, *, and * are permitted by your e-mail server(s) (i.e., safe senders list, whitelist). Please consult with your home institution’s information technology department for more information. (!)

To submit a new manuscript to MDM or MDM P&P, please complete the following steps:

  1. Access the appropriate Web site: MDM ( or MDM P&P (
    Notes: If you have not done so already, please create a ScholarOne Manuscripts account. Click the blue arrow button next to Create Account: New users click here. Then, follow the online prompts.
    >>If you had an account on the MDM ScholarOne site prior to the launch of MDM P&P (October 15, 2015), your ScholarOne Manuscripts account log-on information for MDM P&P is the same.
  2. On the Welcome page, enter the Author Center.
  3. Under Author Resources, click anywhere on the following line:
    ★ Click here to submit a new manuscript
  4. Follow the online prompts to submit a manuscript.

Inquiries regarding the online submission process, including requests to “unsubmit” a manuscript prior to review, may be addressed to Stacy Wennstrom, at the MDM editorial office.

Updated: 16 Oct 2020, RJF