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Medical Decision Making is published eight times per year. Medical Decision Making Policy & Practice publishes articles as they are accepted. Both journals have complete editorial independence from their owner, Society for Medical Decision Making, and publisher, SAGE Publications, Inc. The editor-in-chief is Alan J. Schwartz, PhD. MDM’s audience includes researchers, clinicians, and policy-makers interested in methodologic contributions to, and applications of, medical decision making. MDM P&P’s audience includes researchers, clinicians, policy-makers, and others interested in applications of medical decision making.

MDM editors are interested in articles that develop, advance, or evaluate methods or theory in clinical research, diagnosis, health economics, evidence synthesis, health policy, research on patient-centered outcomes (e.g., comparative effectiveness), informatics, health services research, judgment and decision psychology, mathematical models of diagnosis and treatment, assessment of preferences and quality of life, decision aids, risk communication, technology assessment, and statistical methods pertinent to any of these areas. For more information, please see Scope of Interest.

MDM P&P editors are interested in articles that improve health care and health policy decisions through applications of decision science.

MDM accepts approximately 18% of the 300 manuscripts received annually. Mean (median) turnaround time from submission to initial decision is 38 days; submission to rejection, 36 days; and acceptance to online publication, 54 days.

MDM and MDM P&P largely comply with the policies and ethical considerations of the Council of Science Editors. The CSE White Paper on Promoting Integrity in Scientific Journal Publications should be consulted for policies regarding the responsibilities of authors, reviewers, and editors—including authorship, access to data, and conflicts of interest.

A manuscript will be reviewed by editors for possible publication with the understanding that it is being submitted to one journal at a time and has not been published, simultaneously submitted, or already accepted for publication elsewhere.

However, this restriction does not preclude consideration of a complete report that follows publication of preliminary findings elsewhere, usually in the form of an abstract or report. Editors consider for publication manuscripts that are based on larger reports, such as technology assessments, cost-effectiveness analyses, comparative effectiveness reviews, or methodologic guidance prepared for government agencies or nongovernmental technology assessment organizations. Authors who intend to submit an article based on a larger report are encouraged to do so as early as possible—preferably before the larger report is published online or in print. Authors are responsible for coordinating with the organization that will publish the larger report to ensure that the timing of publication meets the journal’s needs.

When submitting a manuscript, submit a copy of the original research protocol, larger report, and/or other supplemental data as attachments if such materials would help the editors or reviewers better understand the work. In addition, to help the editors form a judgment about the degree of duplicate publication, please include reprints of published articles and copies of other manuscripts in press containing data that also appear in the submitted manuscript.

Additional MDM publication services
Although there are no fees associated with the submission or publication of manuscripts at MDM, authors may opt to pay for additional publication services for accepted manuscripts.

MDM publishes figures in color online only; in print, all figures are published in black and white. Authors of accepted articles are responsible for ensuring that any color figures will also be legible in black-and-white format and in grayscale. Alternatively, the fee for publishing color images in print is $800 USD for the first image, $200 USD for each subsequent image. MDM authors who are willing to pay for the publication of color images in the print version of the article must notify the editorial office as soon as possible on article acceptance.

In addition, though MDM is subscription-based journal, authors may choose to ensure online, open access for all readers of their article. Additional information about the SAGE Choice option is available from our publisher, SAGE Publications.


MDM Policy & Practice

MDM P&P is entirely open access, online-only, and publishes in color. MDM P&P has an article processing charge (APC) of $1,675 USD, payable on formal manuscript acceptance. A promotional, discounted rate of $1,340 USD is available for author teams with at least one author who is a current member of the Society for Medical Decision Making ( This promotional rate remains effective regardless of manuscript acceptance date. Effective July 1, 2018: New manuscripts submitted initially on or after this date will have an APC of $2,250 USD, with a discounted rate of $1,670 USD available to SMDM members. **EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2019: New manuscripts submitted initially on or after this date will have an APC of $2,500 USD, with a discounted rate of $2,000 USD available to SMDM members.**

MDM Editorial Office
Rebecca J. Fiala, MA
Department of Medical Education
University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine
808 S Wood St, 972-M CMET
Chicago, IL 60612 USA
(312) 996-5606 || Fax: (312) 996-3590

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