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Medical Decision Making has a longstanding interest in research intended to
improve the consistency and reliability of utility estimates used in decision analyses and cost-effectiveness analyses. Please use the following links to access data tables and on-line calculator tools related to the MDM articles listed below.

We hope readers will comment on the usefulness of this approach and make suggestions for improvements and for other research-based resources that would be useful to modellers.

July/August 2006 Web-based Resources

Sullivan P, Ghushchyan V. Preference-Based EQ-5D index scores for chronic conditions in the U.S. Med Decis Making. 2006; 26: 410-420.
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EQ-5D Index Score CalculatorUse this tool to calculate an average EQ-5D from a diagnosis (ICD-9), the number of chronic conditions, and demographic data.
How to Use the Estimates
Regression coefficients for ICD-9 codes

Sullivan P, Ghushchyan V. Mapping the EQ-5D Index from the SF-12: U.S. General Population Preferences in a Nationally Representative Sample Med Decis Making. 2006; 26: 401-409.
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SF-12 to EQ-5D CalculatorUse this tool to calculate an EQ-5D score when you have an SF-12 score.

Hanmer J, Lawrence WF, Anderson JP, et al. Report of nationally representative values for the non-institutionalized US adult population for seven health related quality of life scores. Med Decis Making. 2006; 26: 391-400.
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Quality of Life Scores for the U.S. Adult Population

September/October 2008 Web-based Resources

Alexander J. Sutton, Nicola J. Cooper, Steve Goodacre, and Matthew Stevenson. Integration of Meta-analysis and Economic Decision Modeling for Evaluating Diagnostic Tests? Medical Decision Making, Sep 2008; vol. 28: pp. 650 – 667.
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Meta-analysis models ultrasound (html 133k)
Meta-analysis models d-dimer (html 166k)
Meta-analysis of d-dimer using HSROC model (html 378k)
Decision model parameter values(Word doc 75k)